Events listed below will be held at NAUCC 2011. Check out the schedule of events.

Artistic Freestyle: Individual, Pairs, Standard Skills, and Group & Club
This is like figure skating, but on a unicycle. Competitors compete in individual, pairs and group routines, which are set to music. Each routine is performed in front of a panel of judges, and are marked according to their artistic performance, skill difficulty, execution, and originality. Competitors do a variety of tricks including pirouettes, spins and glides just like figure skating.

Street and Flatland
The newest and fastest growing segment in unicycling. Imagine doing skateboard style grinds, drops and flips, but on one wheel instead of four! These events are held at a local skate park, and riders will amaze you with some of their skills and put the ‘extreme’ into unicycling.

Unicycle Hockey and Basketball
Hockey and Basketball are the only team sports that are present at NAUCC. They are exactly like regular street hockey and basketball, but only on one wheel.

Track Racing
These are events held on an athletics track on Standard Class unicycles (24” wheel, 125mm cranks). They are a test of who can pedal the fastest without falling off! As well as traditional athletics style races like 100m, 400m and 800m, there are unicycle specific races like one-foot, wheel-walk, and obstacle course.

This is similar to bicycle or motorcycle Trials. Competitors have to negotiate a series of obstacles without dabbing their foot on the ground. It is a test of balance and nerve as they hop and ride their way through structures that are up to six feet off the ground. This also includes the speed trials, high jump, and long jump competitions.

Mountain Unicycling: Uphill, Downhill, and Cross Country
Just like mountain biking, but done on one wheel. Competitors ride unicycles equipped with mountain bike tires and wheels, and race in uphill, downhill, and cross-country. They can ride anywhere a regular bicycle can!

Road Racing: Marathon, Criterium, 10k, and Time Trial
These are unicycle road races over longer distances. For the criterium and 10k, there are two classes. In the Standard Class, all competitors have to ride the same sized unicycle (24″ wheel, 125mm cranks). In the Unlimited Class, riders can ride large wheeled unicycles, often equipped with gears, and reach speeds close to 30 mph (50kph). For the marathon (26.2 mi or 42.195km) and time trial (~12 mi or 20km), the only class is the unlimited one.