Convention Activities

The best part of NAUCC is not just the competitions, but rather it is getting together with other riders from across North America, sharing common interests, learning new skills, and having fun together.

UNIversal Fun
These are the convention activities that we want everyone to attend! Many of them don’t involve riding so all levels of ability can participate.

Riding Workshops
From just getting your feet of the ground and first experiencing the joy of one wheeled riding to advanced workshops like standup wheel walk, these are the workshops that involve actually riding a unicycle.

Topic Workshops
Want to learn how to give your unicycle a tune up? Want to learn more about UNICON XVI? These are the workshops where you can broaden your mind and learn about things involving unicycling.

Officiating Workshops
These are the workshops that teach you how to be a judge, referee or tester. Most of these workshops are required for those planning on officiating the respective events.