Officiating Workshops

Judging Workshops: Standard Skill, Freestyle, Street, Flatland
Anyone interested in judging any or all of the events listed above is REQUIRED to attend these workshops. The workshops are designed to train interested people on how to be a judge. This role is extremely important because the competitors who will be judged have worked tremendously hard to prepare themselves for their competition and they deserve to be judged fairly. Anyone who has questions can contact 2011 Chief Judge, Ryan Woessner, or 2011 Artistic Director, Dana Wigert.

Referee Workshops: Basketball and Hockey
These workshops are held to teach people how to be a referee for unicycle basketball and hockey. Each team is required to supply two members to be referees. If you have questions, contact Dave Prentice, Emmett Ross or Kylen McClintock.

Authorize USA Skill Levels Tester
This workshop is for anyone interested in becoming a skill levels tester. There are 10 unicycle levels that are officially recognized by the IUF and to ensure that people who want to be commended for their efforts in passing a level have someone to test them, this workshop will be held. Contact Ryan Woessner with questions.