Riding Workshops

USA Skill Levels Testing
Did you finally master hop on wheel and are ready to test for level 6? Come to this workshop to be officially tested for levels 1 through 10!

Learn to Ride
Ready to ditch the spare wheel? Come learn how to unicycle!

Unicycle Games
From tag to red rover, you’ll want to come over and play some uni games!

Level 2, 3 and 4 skills
Come learn the basics to all the skills in levels 2, 3, and 4! Get tips on how to begin learning these skills, and special things to know when testing.

Beginner Trials
Want to get into Trials but don’t know where to start? Come to this workshop and participate in a step by step process that’ll have you hopping in no time! This workshop is for anyone who can hop and jump obstacles up to a foot.

Intermediate Trials
Can do some of the basics of Trials but are unsure how to proceed? Irene and Andy are here to help. This workshop is for you if you can jump up 12 inches.

Beginner Mounts
Come learn mounts that can help you pass some of the lower levels. Helpful tips to get you up on that unicycle!

Intermediate + Mounts
Mastered the basic mounts? Come learn trickier mounts, and also ones that look really cool!

Learn Hockey and Basketball Fun
Always been interested in unicycle hockey and basketball but never had anyone to teach you the ropes or to play with? Here’s your chance! We’ll cover the basics of hockey and basketball and even play a couple pickup games.

Learn to Ride a Giraffe
It sure is scary up there, but riding a giraffe unicycle can show you a view of the world you’ve never seen before! Great for parades and just for fun! Come learn how to grow five feet in just a couple seconds. We have unicycles you can use but if you have your own giraffe feel free to bring it!

Learn to Wheel Walk
Considered one of the hardest level 5 skills, come learn how to wheel walk. Tips can also be given for 1ft wheel walk and backwards wheel walk. Who needs pedals?

Learn to Stand-up Wheel Walk
Come learn how to stand-up wheel walk, forwards, backwards and even seat on side wheel walk!

Street Skills
Come learn new street skills and show friends what you’ve learned in the past year. From beginners to experts, this workshop is for everyone who loves riding street!

Flatland Skills
Mastered a crank flip over the year? Don’t even know what a crank flip is but you want to? Come to this workshop and all will be explained about flat.

Sumo is not a game for the weak. Come and show how buff you truly are and duke it out while playing sumo.

Muni Preview Ride
For anyone who wants to ride the muni courses ahead of time, this ride is for you. Make sure to bring water, a helmet, gloves and kneepads. You may also want to bring food to eat on the ride..

Muni Fun Ride
Come have fun riding muni! We will have two different rides at parks around Madison. Contact Scott Wilton with questions.

High Jump
Want to improve how high you can jump? Come to this workshop and get tips from World Champion high jumper Max Schulze!

Want to learn how to glide? Come get tips on gliding and stand-up gliding. Riders should be able to 1ft wheel walk.

Jumping Over People
When picnic tables just don’t do it for you.