Topic Workshops

NAUCC First Timer
Is this your first time at NAUCC? Then come to this informative workshop. At this workshop we will be discussing what goes on at Nationals, what events are targeted towards beginners, fun events to watch and who to go to with questions about unicycling and Nationals.

UNICON XVI will be held in Brixon/Bressanone, Italy summer 2012. There are new rules in place that involve qualify to compete at this world competition. Also discussed will be the appeal of going to UNICON XVI and people will get an opportunity to ask questions.

USA Scholarship Selection Committee Meeting
This meeting is held to discuss changes to the scholarship application, qualifications and supporting materials. Recipients will be chosen and more. This meeting is open to those on the selection committee. If you would like to be on the committee, provide input on the process, or offer insights into the candidate’s qualifications, please contact Bill Gilbertson.

Unicycle PE, Youth Programs
Come learn about getting unicycling involved in physical education programs and youth programs. It’s a great way to expand the sport and get more people involved.

Uni Touring
Come learn about the unicycle tours around the world. See pictures and hear first hand accounts about these fun events, including the most recent uni tour in Mongolia August 2010. Contact Nathan Hoover with questions.

Unicycle Maintenance
Spoke broken? Tire flat? This workshop is designed to help unicycle owners with the upkeep of a unicycle. Learn how to make sure that your uni is in tip top shape from Josh Torrans from!

Plan Unicycle Purchases
Your kid wants a 36” unicycle and you want to know exactly why you should buy it for them. Come to this workshop to know if that’s the right unicycle for you to buy. Question and answer about common mistakes made when purchasing unicycles.

Ballroom Dancing
He may not be a pro at jerking, but when it comes to ballroom, Robin Dunlop knows what he’s doing. Learn new steps and revisit old ones. Come with a partner or alone!

From one ball to many, learn the basics about juggling balls, clubs, rings, and more!

Street Performing
Have you ever wanted to make some extra money by busking on the streets? Or even turn it into you full time job? Learn from a professional street performer all the tips and tricks you need to know to get started.