North American Champions: (Male, Female)

Individual Freestyle: Matt Sindelar, Becky Banning
Pairs Freestyle: Matt Sindelar and Alex Zeller
Standard Skill: Gavin Prentice, Becky Banning

Flatland: Will Riley, Julia Belk
Street: Max Schulze (Christian Huriwai*), Julia Belk

Trials: Max Schulze, Irene Genelin
Speed Trials: Dan Cormeau
High Jump: Max Schulze, Anna Jinks (Sophia Pellmann*)
Long Jump: Hugo Duguay, Julia Belk (Sophia Pellmann*)

Track Racing: Scott Wilton, Jalenica Troutman-Watson

Mountain Unicycling: Scott Wilton, Irene Genelin

Long Distance: Scott Wilton, Kirsten Goldstein

(*This rider receives recognition for winning the competition, but is not from North America.)

All Results:
Individual Freestyle
Pairs Freestyle
Standard Skill
Expert Standard Skill
Group Freestyle
Club Show

Flatland and Street
Advanced and Expert Flatland
Advanced and Expert Street

Beginner Trials
Advanced Trials
Expert Trials
Beginner Speed Trials
Advanced Speed Trials
Expert Speed Trials
High Jump
Long Jump

Unicycle Hockey and Basketball

Track Racing
50m One-Foot
30m Wheel Walk
10m Wheel Walk
Obstacle Course
Overall Track Racing Points

Mountain Unicycling
Beginner Cross Country
Advanced Cross Country
Expert Cross Country
Beginner Uphill
Advanced Uphill
Expert Uphill
Beginner Downhill
Advanced Downhill
Expert Downhill
Overall MUni Points

Long Distance
Criterium Standard
Criterium Unlimited
10K Standard
10K Unlimited
Time Trial
Overall Distance Points